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"You know, Prince Zuko, destiny is a funny thing. You never know how things are going to work out. But if you keep an open mind and an open heart, I promise you will find your own destiny someday.”

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I really really loved Azula’s hair in this scene. I love her hair period, but it’s so beautiful here that I just had to make a photoset dedicated to it.

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I have way too much fun with these things. 

A gift for the lovely Yin, as it was inspired by the meditation scenes from her fic 60 Months. Happy birthday, darling! I really hope you like it though I definitely can’t ever do any of your fics justice, nope. 


atla meme four family relationships

Even in exile my nephew is more honourable than you.”

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fangirl challenge: (5/?) otps [remake] ↝ Katara and Zuko

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