You know what the first rule of flying is? Well, I suppose you do, since you already know what I’m about to say.

I do. But I’d like to hear you say it.

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do you know what the definition of a hero is? someone who gets other people killed. you can look it up later | serenity (2005)

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my favourite relationships ★ kaylee and inara (firefly)

kaylee’s been missing you something fierce. i miss her too.



he just can’t let it go

can any of us?

Are you always this sentimental?

Had a good day.

You had the Alliance on you, criminals and savages… Half the people on the ship have been shot or wounded including yourself, and you’re harboring known fugitives.

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Look I respect your opinion but if you don’t love and fear Zoë Washburne then I don’t have a damn thing to say to you.

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"Come a day there won’t be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all. This job goes south, there well may not be another. So here is us, on the raggedy edge."

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Zoe Washburne for forgivengabriel

"If you die can I have your share?"

Firefly: meet the washburnes

Is there any particular reason you don’t wish to discuss your marriage?

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I am personally having a lot of washburne feels right now..

"I adored Alan, and I adored him as Wash as my pretend husband. I thought we were an amazing couple. In a way, it might hurt you to hear this, but since there is no sequel to Serenity it is a relief, because I can’t imagine Zoe without him. I really can’t." - Gina Torres (x)

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fangirl challenge: tv shows [6/10]
     ↳ firefly